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20 In Monitor Custom Gaming Desktop Solid State Drive Gtx Geforce 970 Rgb Leds Win 10 Pro

Price: $400

Specs: Intel i5-3470 3.20Ghz Cpu
12Gb Ram
120Gb SSD
1000Gb Game Drive
Win 10 Pro
Wifi Capable

If you want a desktop you can game with and not worry about anything other then having fun this is it. It comes with a Dedicated 4Gb Geforce GTX 970 Video card with up to 6gb of shared ram, it will run basically any game you want it to from fortnite to overwatch or apex legends coupled with 12gb system memory its a great multi tasker and will open any application you want in a flash.. the solid state boot drive makes sure of it bring some of the fastest load times possible..

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