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Driver Update Helper / Downloads Can be be

Windows does an amazing job of downloading generic drivers on its own, We see alot of customers with programs that have titles similar to these We cant say they are all bad but we can say you dont need them and there is no reason to have them on your pc aside from helping promote that particular company.. some maybe helpful but its not necessary.

The best driver is always going to be the one from the manufacturer, if its an oem computer like dell, hp, toshiba or lenovo go directly to their website they will have links to download the right driver for the right computer..

Dont be fooled by programs that claim to download these drivers for you, In reality most of these type of applications will install 3d party programs that will advertise or sometimes cause malicious events..


Need to check that you have all of your drivers installed ?, Its easy just search for
Device Manager in the bottom left search bar and look for any exclamation marks or questions marks hovering over your devices this will indicate you are in need of that particular driver

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Electronics Recycling / Ecycling AT

We Recycle Old electronics here at Uvalde Computer Repair.
Laptops, Desktops, Phones Tablets And Most Other Miscellaneous Devices.

Contact us Today so we can set up a time to recycle your old devices at

Your Data Is Safe With Us, We don’t need any information from you nor do we want it all devices get cleared out through Dos or other methods prior to any diagnostic work for recycling..

It does Not Matter How old, Broken or Dirty Your Device is we will take it and give it new life.

One way We recycle is by using parts from one rig to another but occasionally we dont have it in stock and cant justify buying it with the age of the computer / price of the part. these are 3d printed dell desktop caddy’s for recycled Desktops.

Old Devices need new parts sometimes and solid state drives make even the oldest computers twice as fast, budget friendly ssd’s generally get installed in our units..