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What is Streaming ? How does it work ?

What is streaming what does it have to do with my computer ?
that is a difficult question to answer streaming depending on the context can mean many things.
But for a General answer we will say streaming is a transmission of data.
A few examples would be video files from Netflix to your computer or Music files from Youtube to your phone This would be considered a downward stream as you are essentially downloading or streaming the information to your device..
one example of an upward stream would be a Gamer streaming content to they are uploading this stream from the local machine the game is being run on to a remote server over at twitch headquarters or where ever they keep there servers..
These are of course just a couple of example of what streaming is and how it works but hopeful you get the general idea.

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Ram What is it why do you want more of it in your computer ?

Ram or Random access Memory is exactly what it sounds like. Ram is what holds the programs that randomly get accessed as the computer gets used.. Its the large video file you just clicked on to watch, or the Microsoft office file you are about to edit. Ram much like cpu cores is better when there is more. Some applications take 3gb ram just to open others can take much more ram, if you like to multitask you definitively want the most ram your computer system can handle..

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What are cores and why do i Want more in my processor for my computer ?

Cores are essentially the main brain of your computer, They are part of the Central Processing Unit or Cpu for short, They do a little bit of everything from converting the keys you use on your keyboard, to usable signals both you and the rest of your computer can interpret ether through the lcd screen into a notepad or in a game where you need to click stuff .
The more you have the more you can do in basic terms.. Many photo or video editing apps make use of multicore processors by using one or more core to draw lines while others make colors. That’s a very basic explanation of it but you get the idea of what a cpu core is and why you want more from it i hope.

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What is a solid state drive and Why do you want one in your computer ?

A solid state drive is a component in a computer, to be more specific it is the component or drive that keeps all of your personal data/installed applications safe. So anything you have in the file folder system things like Pictures, Music, Movie Files or Games are stored in your solid state drive, Applications you downloaded from the internet will also be stored here so Microsoft office any word processing programs or video playing applications.

Solid state drives are non mechanical objects that rely solely on electrical current to move data, traditional hard drives used in older machines used a rotating metallic disk similar to a cd the data can only move as fast as the disk can physically move..

With electrical current now being the only thing to wait for in SSD’s it means your data/large movie or application files will move from one folder to the other much faster and reliably.

Upgrading to a solid state drive asap is recommended as more and more applications will be built with the speeds they bolster in mind and will eventually make mechanical disks obsolete.

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E-Waste Recycling Is Free With Us

Ecycle Waste Electronics
Uvalde Computer Repair


Recycle Repair Resale

Electronics Waste Harmful ?

Old electronics that are sent to the landfill in your trash bag, can cause contamination that will affect the land for years to come. The raw materials that are used to make most computers are very hard on the earth when mined out. These materials can be recycled when sent to a Proper E-Cycle Facility


  1. At Uvalde Computer Repair we believe in getting the most use out of everything. So we diagnose any electronics that get recycled with us. We repair what we can the reset gets broken down recycled at several different facilities depending on what the material we have accumulated.

  1. All old personal data gets several passes with our Data Destruction Software to ensure Nothing is left from the previous user..

  2. You can drop off your old electronics, computers,network equipment, smart phones or tablets at our location 530 west daniel street or we can pick it up from you give us a call and let us clean out your storage room..
  3. Businesses with lots of old I.T equipment and not sure what to do with it ?. we can help.
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What Do We Do ? At Uvalde Computer Repair

We have been asked a few times what all we do here at
Uvalde Computer Repair so we thought we should tell you.

We fix computers of all types, old laptops, new laptops, custom desktops or office / work desktops, all in one computers we can work on them to.

What kind of problems can we fix ?..
Anything, Laptops with broken screens,
Desktops that wont turn on, We do data recovery, install windows, speed up slowed down computers, remove viruses, We can customize or upgrade your computers. Need something we didn’t think to add here just ask we can help..

Why dont we charge for diagnostics ?
Simple it’s not hard to do and we love computers, iv always been a fan of the saying you catch “More Bees With Honey”.
So we’ve brought that over to our business model and we have decided a good customer relationship is better then a few dollars just to tell you your computers issues..

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Why should you buy computers from small shops ?

Computer Shop

Retail stores buy computers in the thousands. these computers are handled by employees that a lot of times just don’t care, they might think “It’s just a job” or they may be tired and make a mistake.. Who knows a lot of things happen in the warehouse that can’t be predicted or monitored. Do you you wanna chance buying the perfect laptop for someone brand new in the box only to find out it fell down in the warehouse and nobody said anything ?.

When you buy from a small computer shop you get someone who cares, Not only because our names are on the line but because we do this because we want to not because we have to.
Quotes are free this is time and labor we have to physically spend/do and we don’t charge you :)..

We recycle repair and reuse computers because we hate to see good tech go in the land fill where it does pollute the environment and make it difficult for our future generations to live in the world we leave them.. Let’s plan for our future now let’s fix our tech today it will all get done but it will get started why not help?

Cell: 830 240 0686
Facebook: Uvalde Computer Repair
Address: 530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801

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Buying a new laptop or desktop every year ?

Laptops Or Desktop Slow ?

Why is your computer so slow, when it was once very fast?  Is it old age ?, Does the hardware in the laptop or desktop degrade overtime ?, Should you upgrade your computer every year ?..

Most Computers slow down over time because programs get installed and attempt to start up with the computer. either as a Service/Background app you’ll never see, or a Startup app that you usually see in the bottom right corner. The more start up apps you have the harder the computer has to work decreasing its overall performance and usability, This and neglected windows updates are the usual culprits in our experience when the question is “Why is my Computer So Slow ?”..
There are of course thousands of other possibilities but we always try to start simple when doing diagnostics on your laptop or desktop here at Uvalde Computer Repair.

Generally if it’s taken care of well hardware does not degrade overtime. There are many cases where extremely old computers are still working perfectly fine today.. Just like a car, a laptop, or desktop,maintenance is key to a long healthy life for your digital device..Don’t forget to dust them occasionally you would not believe how dirty they can get in a short time. Especially if they sit in a room where people smoke..
The dust can not only clog air vents but it can cause corrosion and short circuit your computer effectively killing it forever if.

So should you upgrade this year ? that is your choice but go ahead and give us a call we can take a look at your machine and see what the problem

Quotes Are Free And You Can Pay for Labor On Pickup
Cell: 830-240-0686
Address: 530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801

Slow Laptop Or Desktop ?

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What is a Computer Virus ?

What is a computer Virus ?

A Computer Virus is an application written by an individual to exploit or hack your computer.
They can come in many types and can be called different things according to what they are designed to do..
One example would be

It is technically a computer virus but it is specifically designed to take control of your personal data and keep you from accessing it unless you give into the demands of the person who controls this Ransomware on your device..

Another type of virus is a

Like the ancient Greeks this virus can enter your computer in an unsuspecting way.
This virus can be bound with literally anything you can open a picture and not know you are infected. And it can give its users endless control of your machine without you ever knowing,
They can do things like turning your webcam on, or logging the keys that are pressed, they can watch and or record your screen take control of your mouse and alot more..
You should never open a file from the internet from an un official website..

There are alot more types of viruses out there its best to stay vigilant of things you click on.. Including links, a lot of information can be gotten from your computer simple by clicking a link..

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Why Updates Are Important

Updates are important to computers because they solve known issues with programs, These programs are written by programmers for a wide range of devices these programmers cannot always for see an incompatibility or exploit that someone may encounter.
An update will fix the particular issue that the programmer knows about from user feedback..