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Computer Repair and E-Waste Recycling: Fixing, Reusing, and Protecting the Environment

Welcome to our small family-owned business, where we are dedicated to providing computer repair services and promoting responsible e-waste recycling. In this article, we will highlight how we help extend the lifespan of electronics, minimize waste, and contribute to environmental conservation.

At our business, our primary focus is on repairing computers. We understand that many devices end up discarded due to minor issues that can be easily fixed. Our expert technicians have the knowledge and skills to diagnose and resolve a wide range of computer problems. Whether it’s a hardware malfunction, software issue, or performance slowdown, we strive to bring your computer back to optimal functionality.

In addition to computer repair, we are passionate about e-waste recycling. We’ve witnessed countless computers being discarded, contributing to the growing electronic waste problem. As a responsible business, we take it upon ourselves to recycle e-waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

Rather than letting computers and other electronic devices end up in landfills, we actively seek opportunities to reuse and repurpose them. Many components and parts can still be salvaged, reducing the need for new resources and minimizing the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new electronics.

By choosing our services, you are not only getting your computer fixed but also making a positive impact on the environment. We follow strict recycling protocols to ensure that any electronic waste we handle is processed responsibly. Our goal is to divert as much e-waste as possible from landfills, protecting the planet for future generations.

As a small family-owned business, we take pride in our commitment to sustainability. We believe in the power of repairing and recycling to reduce waste and conserve valuable resources. By supporting our business, you are not only benefiting from our expertise but also actively participating in the circular economy and promoting sustainable technology practices.

Trust us with your computer repair needs, knowing that we prioritize both functionality and environmental responsibility. Together, we can make a difference by giving computers a second life and reducing electronic waste. Join us in our mission to protect the environment while enjoying reliable and affordable computer repair services.

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Electronics Recycling / Ecycling AT

We Recycle Old electronics here at Uvalde Computer Repair.
Laptops, Desktops, Phones Tablets And Most Other Miscellaneous Devices.

Contact us Today so we can set up a time to recycle your old devices at

Your Data Is Safe With Us, We don’t need any information from you nor do we want it all devices get cleared out through Dos or other methods prior to any diagnostic work for recycling..

It does Not Matter How old, Broken or Dirty Your Device is we will take it and give it new life.

One way We recycle is by using parts from one rig to another but occasionally we dont have it in stock and cant justify buying it with the age of the computer / price of the part. these are 3d printed dell desktop caddy’s for recycled Desktops.

Old Devices need new parts sometimes and solid state drives make even the oldest computers twice as fast, budget friendly ssd’s generally get installed in our units..

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E-Waste Recycling Is Free With Us

Ecycle Waste Electronics
Uvalde Computer Repair


  • Contact: Miles West
  • Cell: 830 240 0686
  • Address: 530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801
  • Website:
  • Email:

Recycle Repair Resale

Electronics Waste Harmful ?

Old electronics that are sent to the landfill in your trash bag, can cause contamination that will affect the land for years to come. The raw materials that are used to make most computers are very hard on the earth when mined out. These materials can be recycled when sent to a Proper E-Cycle Facility


  1. At Uvalde Computer Repair we believe in getting the most use out of everything. So we diagnose any electronics that get recycled with us. We repair what we can the reset gets broken down recycled at several different facilities depending on what the material we have accumulated.

  1. All old personal data gets several passes with our Data Destruction Software to ensure Nothing is left from the previous user..

  2. You can drop off your old electronics, computers,network equipment, smart phones or tablets at our location 530 west daniel street or we can pick it up from you give us a call and let us clean out your storage room..
  3. Businesses with lots of old I.T equipment and not sure what to do with it ?. we can help.
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E-cycle Computers With Uvalde Computer Repair

Uvalde Computer Repair Recycling

530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801
Got old or broken electronics ?..
We will put them to good use, we Repair what we can and recycle what we cant..

No matter what condition your device is in we want it, Dropped, water damaged, Old, electrically fried or even burnt..

We will never allow your data to be used stolen copied or seen in anyway, every device is thoroughly erased to ensure your privacy..

We work from home so come on by anytime we are pretty much always open..

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Find us on Social Media Sites Like Facebook Instagram Or Twitter

Uvalde Computer Repair Sign

Uvalde Computer Repair

You can find Uvalde Computer Repair on almost any social media website on the net.
We are most often on Facebook though..

We are still undergoing some construction at the shop and will have all of our computers out on display and ready for viewing very soon.
Still feel free to call or come by any time for a free quote

530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801 is our Home Address.. Dont let our long grass scare you, i assure you the utmost care will be taken with your device.
830 240 0686 is the cell. just give us a call or txt prior to your arrival to ensure we are available thanks and hope to hear from you soon….

We take old or broken computers as trade ins towards a new device or repair work..

Got lots of old electronics ?.. we recycle bring your old or broken smartphones tablets or computers by we will dispose of them properly free to you..


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Uvalde Ecycling – We Take Old Electronics Waste Free

We recycle computers. Bring us your old or broken unwanted devices. Nothing will go to waste we fix what we can and we use parts off of what we cant.