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Complete Desktop Dual 20 Inch Monitors Keyboard And All Wires Included

Price : $600

Specs :
Cpu: Ryzen 5 1400 3.20Ghz
Ram: 8Gb Corsair Ballistics DDR4
Gpu:Rx 570 8Gb
SSD: 240Gb Boot Drive
HD: 1000Gb Storage Drive
Windows 10 Home

This is a very powerful desktop in a nice looking package, 3 Rgb intake fans and one regular exhaust fan keep it nice and cool while you are Gaming, Video editing, Photo Editing or any content creation you may do..
You can definitively get office work done on this one it will run anything you need for business and more.. Great gamer 4 Cores 8 threads is the perfect amount for most games, This computer will run on high to ultra high on pretty much any game out there. It actually out performed our Intel unit of comparable specs. We maybe building a ryzen system for our shop soon..

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