as the name implies FaR_PlaY loved to play. his skill in first person shooters was unmatched. He was widely known in the Tom Clancy Rainbow Six games for his amazing reflexes and will take you down. With a couple of shots if you don’t move fast enough. As one of the second generation of the founding members of FaR.

PlaY was put through intense training thought up by a first generation founder of FaR PowerAnimal to prepare for tournament matches. He was known to be the sneaky killer with ninja like movement

FaR_Play was one of my gaming mentors and regarded as one of the best players alive in my book most of the movement I have in first person shooter games and alot of other game types is from what I learned from/with him. Rest easy brother FaR will live and love on.. 😁


More Then just a gamer. a great guy a hacker a coder and always full of weeeeeeeee