The man with the plan. PowerAnimal’s name matches his personality pretty well he always has a plan and knows exactly how he wants it done.

He could lead an army off a cliff or straight into the pits of hell, PowerAnimal was born to be a leader but does not know it he’s a raging inferno but once he gets the fire/us directed and his plan executed it will work and we will win and PowerAnimal loves to win and is ready to make it happen. in any game any

You are missed brother have fun making your new squad march to your beat, when FaR is complete again well have some more tournaments and follow the plan mostly lol you know us.. ggz hf gn sys


FaR PowerAnimal is one of my favorite people he’s got such a short temper but such a big heart it’s hard to stay mad at a guy just cuzz he wants to win and still love ya even tho u lost him the game lol silly canuck