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Intel i5 Cpu Dell Latitude 5440 Win 10 Pro 4Gb Ram 500Gb Hd Bluetooth

Price: $100

Intel i5-4200u 2.30Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
500Gb HD

If you want performance in a nicely designed package this is what you need, The dell latitude E5440 is a business class laptop with aesthetics as well as performance in mind Low voltage ram compatibility for maximum battery life as well as increased memory performance, It also has a solid state drive installed so your programs will low instantly once you have clicked on the icon to it.. Windows 10 professional for business as well as home environments only with more capability’s enabled for all users..

This would make a perfect travel companion or desktop computer for your home or office. Very fast intel i5 processor that will load any application on the market. Comes with Open Office Installed and ready to register in your name.

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