Custom Gaming Computer 12 Core 24 Thread Xeon Cpu 16Gb Ram M.2 Boot Drive + Extra Storage


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Cpu e52670 v3 2.30Ghz 12C 24T
16Gb Ram
256Gb m.2 SSD
1Tb Hdd
Radeon Rx 580
Win 11 Pro

This desktop? Totally custom-built with top-notch parts that won’t break the bank. We’re all about quality gaming without that hefty price tag here at Uvalde Computer Repair. From the Zsus gaming motherboard to the E5-2670 Processor, every piece is picked with your budget and your gaming experience in mind.

Now, that E5-2670 processor might be a bit seasoned, but it’s a powerhouse. Think of it like an old-school muscle car – still runs like a dream. Handles 1080p gaming like a champ, matching up to those fancy 13th-gen i9s. Why spend big bucks when you can get top-tier gaming on a budget?

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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 20 in


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