Custom Pc Perfect Budget Gamer or a High end Office Desktop Solid State Drive Rx 570 Gpu


Case Swapped Dell Optiplex 3020 Custom Gamer Pc

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Intel i5-4590 3.30Ghz Cpu
12Gb ram
240Gb SSD Boot Drive
1tb Storage Drive
Win 10 Pro

Keyboard Monitor Mouse All Wires Included

If you need a pc that can game but wont break the bank this is perfect it has more then enough power to play all your favorite games.
Great for school work, it will easily handle any application that maybe used during the upcoming year and can always be upgraded if the need should arise..
With the current specs it has it is pretty fast and enjoyable as a daily driver or or high end office editing machine, It will easily handle video production music creation or anything else you can think of.


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