Dell Precision i7 Laptop Very Fast Good for Office School or Light Gaming On the Go.


Mobile Workstation Dell Precision Laptop M4700

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Intel i7-3740Qm 2.70Ghz
8Gb Ram
600Gb HD
Amd HD 7700 1Gb Gpu
Win 10 Pro
Dvd Burner

Nice fast computer great for gamers on the go, busy officer workers or collage students needing a laptop with that extra power so they can get everything done all at once.. It will do anything you need from running virtual machines for office environments to running emulators so you can play older console games right from the desktop, comes with 600 gb of storage space so you can keep all of your stuff on it without running low on room. 8gb ram will run any application you need perfect for modeling 3d applications vector drawings office spread sheets, photographers, music producers and alot more.. light up keyboard so you can work anyplace from outside at night to in your living room..


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