Windows 7 Tablet Laptop Combo

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Very Nice Tablet Perfect for Displaying images to your tv or computer monitor through hdmi or Bluetooth

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Cpu Atom z670 1.50Ghz
30Gb Harddrive
2Gb Ram
Fingerprint Scanner

Decent little tablet computer great for entertaining the kids or doing digital art work paint like a pro with a stylus pen “Not Included”
or browse the web while looking up new memes or researching a paper for work or school.. Definitively not a gaming computer but if you need a low budget display unit running windows 7 then this is for you it would be perfect to set up your portfolio of digital art set it on your desk and let your clients be amazed…  It has 1 usb port and 1 hdmi output.. This makes an excellent kiosk Tablet For Displaying Images in remote locations… it has a long battery life and is easy to use and travel with..


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