Limitless Possibilities Unlocked Intel Custom Water Cooled Gaming Computer Ssd Boot Drive


Very Fast Custom Desktop

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Intel i7-4090k
12Gb Ram
240Gb SSD Boot Drive
1Tb Game Storage Drive
XFX AMD Radeon R9 390 8GB Graphics Card
Win 10

If you want a computer without limits this is it overclock everything and boost performance to the max Comes with an unlocked intel i7 K series processor, a solid state drive and more then enough ram to play all of your favorite games with, All in one water cooler to help your keep your computer cool while blasting through games 4 argb fans to help exhaust all of the hot air out and cool air in.
This is perfect for gamer’s streamer’s or a student in the class room. It can handle anything you can throw at it from live meetings to high end gaming, or daily web browsing on multiple screens.. it will do anything and everything..


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