Powerful Xeon Server/Gaming PC


Originally a server, now a gaming powerhouse. With a Xeon processor, ample storage, and versatile networking options, it’s perfect for small businesses or enthusiasts exploring virtualization and networking.”

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Intel Xeon x5680
32Gb Ram
2 x 1Tb HDD
Amd Radeon R7 200 Gpu
Windows 10 Pro

This computer is extremely powerful, initially serving as a server but now primed for gaming. It offers ample space in the case and ports on the motherboard to accommodate a multitude of storage devices. Equipped with a Xeon processor boasting 6 cores and 12 threads, along with 32GB of RAM, it’s a true powerhouse. Windows 10 comes pre-installed, but for those inclined, installing Proxmox allows for running multiple virtual machines. It’s perfect for small businesses or individuals keen on learning virtualization and networking, featuring both internal and external network cards for connecting to multiple physical networks.

Keyboard Monitor Mouse All Included
Note: Case has no side panel..


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