Usb To Wifi Adaptor Turn Any Computer Into a wireless device


Usb Wifi Adaptor Compatible with any windows computer

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Interface: USB 2.0 High Speed.
Chip: RTL8188.
Speed:150 Mbps.
Conform to the IEEE802.11b standard,IEEE 802.11g,IEEE 802.11n

Perfect if you have a desktop computer on one side of the house but your modem/router is on the other side of the house, you just need to plug this usb adapter into your desktop computer and it should pop up on the bottom right corner giving you access to your Home Wifi Service. if it does not immediately give you access as with some older windows systems like windows xp or Windows 7 you might need to restart first.  If it still does not work install The included driver below and restart one more time you will then have wifi on your desktop computer, laptop computer, it even works on some Chromebooks.. order online and have it shipped to your house or come give one a try anytime before you buy here at Uvalde computer Repair

Driver Link Here


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