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Sold – Project Blue Light Gaming Computer Production Machine

Ready to play games on ultra/epic settings ?.
Here is a computer for you. we would would call this a mid to high end gaming computer.
Perfect for YouTube Streaming, Video Editing, Pc Gaming, or use as a Powerful Workstation for the office in your place of business ..
This is a perfect entry level gaming computer that will do all of that right now and has alot more room to grow when you are ready to upgrade.
If you are an experiences computer user you will know that the i5-2500k can be overclocked as well as the 1060 Armor 6Gb Video card it comes with..
Heres a couple of test videos we made for you to enjoy :).. feel free to add us on game

Specs are
Asus P8hzz-m MotherBoard
i5-2500k Cpu
16Gb Ram
550 Evga Psu
Ssd Inland Professional 120Gb
Diy Diamond-F1 Black Case
Gtx Armor 1060 6Gb Oc Video Card
Windows 10 Pro Operating System

Price is $600

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