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Cylon Custom Built For Gaming Amd Processor Msi Geforce Video Card

Price: $300

Amd A10-7700k 3.5 Base Clocked Air Cooled overclocked to 4.10
8Gb Dual Channel Ram
Msi 760
600W Vp Rgb Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro
120Gb SSD
500Gb HD
Twin Frozer Gaming Msi 760 Video Card

This is an amazing little computer great for budget gaming. this will run fortnite on high settings at 60 to 100 fps easily at 1080 resolution even higher at 1600X900 get your foot in the door without breaking the bank. easily run’s indy games like roblex or nuclear town.. free keyboard and monitor included, start winning battle royals today this machine will help you do it.. perfect xmas gift for anyone at any age.