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What is a Computer Virus ?

What is a computer Virus ?

A Computer Virus is an application written by an individual to exploit or hack your computer.
They can come in many types and can be called different things according to what they are designed to do..
One example would be

It is technically a computer virus but it is specifically designed to take control of your personal data and keep you from accessing it unless you give into the demands of the person who controls this Ransomware on your device..

Another type of virus is a

Like the ancient Greeks this virus can enter your computer in an unsuspecting way.
This virus can be bound with literally anything you can open a picture and not know you are infected. And it can give its users endless control of your machine without you ever knowing,
They can do things like turning your webcam on, or logging the keys that are pressed, they can watch and or record your screen take control of your mouse and alot more..
You should never open a file from the internet from an un official website..

There are alot more types of viruses out there its best to stay vigilant of things you click on.. Including links, a lot of information can be gotten from your computer simple by clicking a link..