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Dell Precision M4800 Intel i5 8Gb Ram Win 10

Price : $ 200

I5-4200 2.50Ghz
8Gb Ram
320Gb Harddrive
Wifi/Bluetooth Capable
Windows 10 Pro

This here is a Dell workstation laptop, it is very fast and equipped to handle just about anything you want to throw at it. Great for office work, photo and video editors, or even music producers. This laptop features a 15″ LCD Screen and 1366×768 resolution. If your looking for something fast and affordable this is the laptop for you.

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What Do We Do ? At Uvalde Computer Repair

We have been asked a few times what all we do here at
Uvalde Computer Repair so we thought we should tell you.

We fix computers of all types, old laptops, new laptops, custom desktops or office / work desktops, all in one computers we can work on them to.

What kind of problems can we fix ?..
Anything, Laptops with broken screens,
Desktops that wont turn on, We do data recovery, install windows, speed up slowed down computers, remove viruses, We can customize or upgrade your computers. Need something we didn’t think to add here just ask we can help..

Why dont we charge for diagnostics ?
Simple it’s not hard to do and we love computers, iv always been a fan of the saying you catch “More Bees With Honey”.
So we’ve brought that over to our business model and we have decided a good customer relationship is better then a few dollars just to tell you your computers issues..

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Why Aftermarket Virus Scanners Can Be Bad

All computers today come with a free built in virus scanner, well at least all windows 10 computers do it’s called.
Windows Defender, it monitors everything from what applications can modify your file folder system to who can access your computer externally/through the internet, it comes with a firewall, real time protection, browser and app controls, and alot more..
Its built by microsoft the same people who designed and managed the operating system it will always get the latest updates before any aftermarket company..

Aftermarket virus scanners can be a great helpful thing that will keep your computer virus free and healthy. they can many times remove viruses that Windows Defender or other aftermarket scanners cant..

Because aftermarket virus scanners get there updates much later then windows defender it can be bad in many ways. Imagine this Microsoft releases an update containing files that control the way the computer boots, but since the aftermarket scanner has not been notified of this it thinks this is a malicious act and does not allow the update to change a couple of important system files.. Now we have an update that is missing a few important files and a computer that can no longer boot due to this.

This is just one scenario we can think of there are many many more possibilities..