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Gaming Computer Intel i7 16Gb Ram Solid State Boot Drive

This one is as beautiful as it performs. You can run most games on high settings while streaming.
Its solid state boot drive ensures your games load as fast as possible so you wont have any wait time when loading your games..
You can video, photo or music edit while doing other tasks this computer is great at multi tasking and would make quick work in the office if you need something to boost your productivity or gaming experience this is it.

Intel i7-860 2.80Ghz
16Gb Ram
240Gb Boot Drive
750Ti 2Gb Video Card
Windows 10 Home


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Custom Gaming Streaming Editing Work Machine

We have had some requests for computers that can game well here you go this one can game very well, These videos are recorded directly from it during testing in our shop. We are playing Overwatch on max settings here and getting no lag whatsoever and an amazing picture at 1080p resolution during game play. This one plays just as well as our in house gaming computer that is specked much higher..
This desktop will play pretty much any game you want or blaze though office work it will run any application you need from Microsoft office to higher end photo or video editing programs…


Cpu Amd Phenom II x4 955 3.29
Ram 8Gb
SSD 240Gb
Msi Gaming X Rx 570 4Gb Video Card
Windows 10 Pro


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Mini ITX Cube Computer Home Theater PC Light to Medium Gamer..

This is a great little computer, its small size makes it perfect for use as a Home Theater PC. Hook it up to your living room tv and you are ready to start streaming from Sites like Hulu, Amazon prime video or YouTube.
This tiny desktop computer has a 1000Gb dedicated storage Hard drive which is more then enough room to fit a good amount of movies, TV shows, music and more..
It has a 240Gb Solid state Boot drive so all of your applications will open in a flash.. 4 cores and 4 threads on the intel i5, Processor so you can multitask while watching movies or playing games. This Mini ITX Desktop is made to watch movies from, it can also be a very powerful office computer as well as do some light to medium gaming. Keep in mind it can always be upgraded if it turns out you need more power.

Intel I5 2500s 2.70Ghz Cpu
Thermaltake Core V1 Snow Mini ITX Cube Case
4gb ram
240Gb SSD Boot Drive
1tb Storage Drive
Nvidia Gt 640 2G Graphics Card
350W Power Supply


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Sold – Project Mine Custom Gaming Computer


Price is $500

ASUS P8H67-M LE Cpu: i5-2400 
Asus Radeon Hd 7850 2Gb
Thermal Take View 21
UpHere 5 Pack Rgb Remote Fans
Inland 120Gb SSD
Uphere Rgb Heat Sink
Cooler Master 1000W Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro

Will play most games at low to medium settings in 1080p with ease i personally play overwatch on it and get 45 to 50 fps while streaming to facebook live using the highest settings…
its Bright brilliant light makes for an amazing explosion of remotely controlled leds that turn to any color you want with the push of a button.. You can do lots of different lighting effects you can have it solid or strobe or cycle though every mode