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Hp All In One Wifi Ready Desktop Running Windows 10.

Price: $150

Amd E1-1200 1.40Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
500Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Home

This is the perfect computer for the office or dorm room, All in one desktops are great space savers as everything as the name suggest comes in one package. No need to set up extra space for a bulky tower and a monitor.
This one has a 500Gb hard drive perfect for storing movies music or games, Just plug the power in and go, Its wifi ready, Fully updated and just needs a new home..

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Hp Beats Desktop + 2 Monitors


Amd a6-3620 2.20Ghz Apu
8Gb Ram
1Tb Harddrive

If you want superior sound quality then look no further Hp Beats has some of the best audio clarity on the market, Perfect for listening to music editing audio files or work in the office, comes with a 1000Gb harddrive so you can store thousands of audio files without ever needing more space….
Comes with 2 widescreen monitors all cables needed and usb keyboard..

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Dell Optiplex 960 6Gb Ram 500Gb Harddrive

Price : $120

Core 2 Duo e8400 3.0Ghz Cpu
6Gb Ram
500Gb Harddrive
Win 10 Pro

These desktop computers are great for just about anything, They are built for long days in office environments under harsh work loads.
This is the perfect desktop computer for home entertainment or business.
its small size makes it easy to fit in any space.

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Dell Optiplex 960 8Gb Ram Win 10 Pro Desktop

Price $120

Specs :
Core 2 Duo Cpu 3.0Ghz Cpu
8Gb Ram
320Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Pro

These are great little computers very fast, perfect for the office A good feature about these computers is they are very small and will fit just about anywhere, while still having the power to complete daily tasks quickly.Do you need a new source of entertainment for the home , instead ? This computer would also do great as a media PC for playing music or watching movies.