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Galaxy Pc 20 Inch 1080 Monitor And Keyboard Included Water Cooled 6 Core 12 Threaded Beast

Price: $600

Overclocked Amd Ryzen 5 1600 base 3.2 Oc to 4.0Ghz
16Gb Dual Channel DDR4 Memory
250Gb M.2 Boot Drive
1000GB Hd Storage Drive
Rx 580 4Gb Video Card
Corsair CX600M Modular Power Supply
Anidees Ai 80mm Exhaust Fans + Rgb Strip & Remote Controller Also Controllable via Motherboard Software.
Corsair Hydro Series H100i PRO RGB AIO
Windows 10 Pro

If you want a computer you can play almost any game on high to ultra settings this is it. the cpu is simply a monster with 6 core and 12 threads being overclocked to 4.0 it will process any photo or video editing application with ease, and it will stay cool as well the H100i Pro not only looks good with its rgb lighting effects but cools just as good..

Games Tested
Fornite Ultra Settings 1080 Resolution fps 75 to 90 average
Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Breakpoint High Settings 1080 Resolution fps 80 to 95 average
Overwatch Ultra Settings fps 95 to 110 average

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Desktop Or Laptop Combo Solid State Drive Intel i3 Dell Latitude


Intel i3-2350m 2.5Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
120gb SSD

Do you want the mobility of a laptop but the power of a desktop ?.. This Dell latitude can be docked on this 19 inch widescreen monitor and gives you extra inputs and out puts the laptop it self comes with multiple usb ports a vga port an HDMI port and n sd card reader + lot more we are probably forgetting to mention.. Everything in the picture included

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Custom Gaming Desktop Solid State Drive Amd A10-7700k Win 10 Pro GeForce Gtx 760 Gpu 8 Gb Ram

Price: $200

Amd A10-7700k R7 3.40Ghz Cpu
8Gb Ram
GeForce GTX 760 4GB Gpu
120Gb SSD Boot Drive
500Gb Storage Drive
Win 10 Pro

If you want a pc that you can game with as well as have in the office this is it. Guaranteed to play Apex Legends, Fornite or even Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. it comes with some of these titles already installed on it as we were testing/beta testing Cod today and decided to leave it on the unit..
very fun little pc, Great for a budget minded gamer, or office worker that needs that extra power..

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Complete Set 22 Monitor Dell Vostro 220 Tower Running Win 10 500Gb Harddrive Amd Radeon Graphics

Price: $120

Pentium E8400 3.20Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
500Gb Harddrive
Amd Radeon Hd 5750 Graphics card
Win 10 Pro

Like to play old school nes games or super Nintendo games ?, but do not want to buy all of the consoles + the games to do it ?.. Emulate it you can play all of your favorite games right from your windows desktop this machine has Retro Arch Installed on it and is ready for you to get right to gaming.. or if you just need a computer for office work then this is the one for you it will handle daily tasks easily as well as school work..

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White inspiron 5315 Complete Dell Desktop

Price: $45

Amd Athlon 64 x2 2.60Ghz Cpu
2Gb Ram
80Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Pro

if you need something simple and ready to go right out of the door, This dell desktop is for you, They are great for entertaining the kids grand kids or pretty much anybody surf the web watch some movies.. Comes complete With Keyboard Monitor And All Wires Needed.

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Laptop Desktop All In One i3 Solid State Drive Win 10 Pro

Price: $100

Specs: Intel i3-2350m 2.30Ghz
Win 10 Pro
20 Inch Lcd Screen = Docking Station
Windows 10 Pro

If you need the connectivity of a desktop but also need the mobility of a laptop this package is perfect for you. It comes with a 20 inch widescreen monitor,keyboard, mouse, all wires and charger needed to get you online in your office or on the go. The computer has a 120gb solid state drive for super fast booting and application load times.

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Hp Compaq Windows 10 Pro Desktop

Price : $50

Pentium E2200 2.20Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
400Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Pro

I have these slime size, great budget desktops, perfect for the home or office. It will fit perfect behind the tv to easily stream movies, music or tv shows. This desktop is also perfect if you need to get office work done, instead.

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Complete Desktop Dual 20 Inch Monitors Keyboard And All Wires Included

Price : $600

Specs :
Cpu: Ryzen 5 1400 3.20Ghz
Ram: 8Gb Corsair Ballistics DDR4
Gpu:Rx 570 8Gb
SSD: 240Gb Boot Drive
HD: 1000Gb Storage Drive
Windows 10 Home

This is a very powerful desktop in a nice looking package, 3 Rgb intake fans and one regular exhaust fan keep it nice and cool while you are Gaming, Video editing, Photo Editing or any content creation you may do..
You can definitively get office work done on this one it will run anything you need for business and more.. Great gamer 4 Cores 8 threads is the perfect amount for most games, This computer will run on high to ultra high on pretty much any game out there. It actually out performed our Intel unit of comparable specs. We maybe building a ryzen system for our shop soon..