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Why Updates Are Important

Updates are important to computers because they solve known issues with programs, These programs are written by programmers for a wide range of devices these programmers cannot always for see an incompatibility or exploit that someone may encounter.
An update will fix the particular issue that the programmer knows about from user feedback..

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Drivers And Why They Are Important

Computer Drivers

Drivers are an important part of every computer system.

They tell the computer exactly how to communicate with its hardware.

Without proper drivers things like your printer, cd burner or even something as simple as the mouse or for laptops the touchpad may not work correctly or at all.

Making sure you have the most updated and correct driver is crucial for more then one reason one of which being security, Malicious attacks may come through old exploited drivers.

Another thing is speed and reliability, it may not look like it to you but every time windows updates it changes its code behind the scenes to make it more efficient..