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Custom Desktop Wifi Ready Windows 10 Installed And Ready to Go..


Intel i5-2400s 2.70
8Gb Ram
128Gb SSD Boot Drive
1000TB HD Storage Drive
Rx 580 4Gb Video card
Windows 10 Pro

Need a computer that can do a little bit of everything ?. This one will play fortnite with the best of them or handle work in the office like its nothing. it will load anything you click on instantly with the super fast solid state boot drive it has installed, or store all the movies or music files you can handle on the 1000gb storage drive, Wifi ready just plug the power in and get right online and start working or playing..

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Dell Precision M4700

Price: $300

i7 3740m
8Gb Ram
750Gb Harddrive
Full HD Display (1080p )
Nvidia Quadro K1000M Dedicated Graphics
Wifi + Bluetooth
Win 10 Pro
Back lit Keyboard
HDMI Output
Fingerprint Reader Security

These are very very fast computers they are made to work in environments where a lot of computing power is needed. They can do anything you need them to from gaming to heavy duty office work. the Back light keyboard makes it easy to see at night.