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Custom Gaming Computer Intel Core I5 Processor Rx 580 Graphics Card 16Gb Ram


Intel i5-3470 3.2Ghz Cpu
16Gb Ram
RX 570 8gb Graphics Card
120Gb Ssd Boot Drive
1Tb Game Storage Drive
Windows 10 Pro

Love to game ?. wanna stream while doing it ?.. we got you this is a great little computer for mid to high end gaming in 1080p, It will play some of the best games at the highest settings without an issue.. Blast though fortnite apex legends Overwatch or call of duty with higher frame rates then your team mates.. start to lead the the pack with this gaming desktop..

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Custom Gaming Desktop 16Gb Ram Solid State Drive 8Gb R9 Fury Graphics Card

Price: $450

Intel i5-4590 3.30 4 Core 4 Thread
16Gb Ram
120Gb Solid State Drive Boot Drive
1000GB Storage/Game Drive
r9 Fury 8Gb Video Card

Need a nice fast little computer in a great Case, with lots of potential to mod in? The Cooler Master, Masterbox light 5 comes with 3 optional pieces of trim in red, white or black making it easy to customize to your style.
The intel i5 cpu installed in it has 4 cores and 4 threads making it perfect for gaming. Coupled with the R9 Fury 8GB Video Card and 16Gb of Memory this computer will load any application in seconds.. It can make a day at the office go by much faster or boost your fps through the roof in fornite apex legends or any other game you want to play.

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Cylon Custom Built For Gaming Amd Processor Msi Geforce Video Card

Price: $300

Amd A10-7700k 3.5 Base Clocked Air Cooled overclocked to 4.10
8Gb Dual Channel Ram
Msi 760
600W Vp Rgb Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro
120Gb SSD
500Gb HD
Twin Frozer Gaming Msi 760 Video Card

This is an amazing little computer great for budget gaming. this will run fortnite on high settings at 60 to 100 fps easily at 1080 resolution even higher at 1600X900 get your foot in the door without breaking the bank. easily run’s indy games like roblex or nuclear town.. free keyboard and monitor included, start winning battle royals today this machine will help you do it.. perfect xmas gift for anyone at any age.

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20 In Monitor Custom Gaming Desktop Solid State Drive Gtx Geforce 970 Rgb Leds Win 10 Pro

Price: $400

Specs: Intel i5-3470 3.20Ghz Cpu
12Gb Ram
120Gb SSD
1000Gb Game Drive
Win 10 Pro
Wifi Capable

If you want a desktop you can game with and not worry about anything other then having fun this is it. It comes with a Dedicated 4Gb Geforce GTX 970 Video card with up to 6gb of shared ram, it will run basically any game you want it to from fortnite to overwatch or apex legends coupled with 12gb system memory its a great multi tasker and will open any application you want in a flash.. the solid state boot drive makes sure of it bring some of the fastest load times possible..

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Holiday Combo Deal Gaming Desktop + Laptop

The holidays are here and we want everyone to have a merry Christmas and a happy new year, We dont want anyone to feel left out so So here is a combo deal for two that the hole family can enjoy, This gaming desktop will blaze though fornite on high settings or play black ops 4 with ease, We know for a fact you can run overwatch on ultra settings while recording your game play.
And the asus laptop is no slouch its self while not as fast as the desktop it is still fast in its on right and would make an excellent work or office laptop, This would make the perfect gift or him or her.

Specs for Desktop

Wifi Ready
Corsair Carbide SPEC-Alpha Case
8Gb Ram + Rgb Heat-sink
Asus R7 370 Video Card
LiteOn SSD 128GB Os Drive
500Gb HDD Game Drive 
Wifi Ready
i5-2320 3.00Ghz Cpu

Specs For Laptop

Pentium 2.0Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
300Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Home

Price For Both