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Custom Gaming Desktop Solid State Drive Amd A10-7700k Win 10 Pro GeForce Gtx 760 Gpu 8 Gb Ram

Price: $200

Amd A10-7700k R7 3.40Ghz Cpu
8Gb Ram
GeForce GTX 760 4GB Gpu
120Gb SSD Boot Drive
500Gb Storage Drive
Win 10 Pro

If you want a pc that you can game with as well as have in the office this is it. Guaranteed to play Apex Legends, Fornite or even Call Of Duty Modern Warfare. it comes with some of these titles already installed on it as we were testing/beta testing Cod today and decided to leave it on the unit..
very fun little pc, Great for a budget minded gamer, or office worker that needs that extra power..

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The Scientist Rgb Starter Gaming Computer

We have been calling this computer The Scientist, its a beautiful machine with performance to match it.. This would Make a great starter computer for  streaming video, editing photo editing or pretty much anything else you can think of. Its running an lga1151 Cpu socket set with a more budget minded dual core processor but the asus z170-a motherboard has overclocking capability’s and is compatible with cpus all the way up to the i7-7700k and would get you the ultimate gaming experience
Thermal Take – Versa J21-TG Tempered Glass


Evga 750 Ti Ftw Gpu
Rgb Fans
SSD 120Gb Inland Boot Drive
Pentium BX80662g4400 Dual Core 3.3
16Gb Ram
Asus z170-a Motherboard
1tb Western Digital Black Game Drive
Aio Corsair Water Cooler
500Watt Evga Psu
Windows 10 Home

Price: $600

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Sold – Project Mine Custom Gaming Computer


Price is $500

ASUS P8H67-M LE Cpu: i5-2400 
Asus Radeon Hd 7850 2Gb
Thermal Take View 21
UpHere 5 Pack Rgb Remote Fans
Inland 120Gb SSD
Uphere Rgb Heat Sink
Cooler Master 1000W Power Supply
Windows 10 Pro

Will play most games at low to medium settings in 1080p with ease i personally play overwatch on it and get 45 to 50 fps while streaming to facebook live using the highest settings…
its Bright brilliant light makes for an amazing explosion of remotely controlled leds that turn to any color you want with the push of a button.. You can do lots of different lighting effects you can have it solid or strobe or cycle though every mode