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Windows 11 Should You use it ?

Windows 11 is Microsoft’s brand new operating system, And as such its still riddled with problems and will likely stay that way for quite some time as Microsoft older system windows 10 still regularly has bugs,
One big issue is Windows 11’s bugs are all brand new and still mostly undocumented making possible repairs/patches much more difficult.

Putting windows 11 on an older machine right now will cause you to have all sorts of problems if the universal drivers are not compatible with your machine which they likely are not Microsoft does not have a real human team working on updates for windows 10 its all computer automated, And as such errors generally occur much more often as super simple tasks/ undocumented incompatibility’s will slip by the automated computers algorithm until it “Eventually” picks up on it and pushes an update out we cant confirm but we image windows 11 is built the same way….

So should you upgrade to windows 11 ?.. Probably not yet

If you are on a newer machines 11th gen intel or higher you will probably ok to upgrade to windows 11 today start with a test to check if you are compatible simply going to your update section on your windows 10 pc in settings will tell you but if not you can try and follow this article from Microsoft HERE

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