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Dell Latitude 6430 500Gb Storage 4Gb Ram

Price: $100

Intel I3-2350m 2.30Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
500Gb Harddrive
Win 10 Pro

This Dell Latitude 6430 is the perfect business computer its aluminum frame makes it very sturdy and great for traveling, it can take a few accidents and keep on working like it never happened.. with a 500gb harddrive you have more then enough room to store thousands of work documents music files or videos. great for home or office use where younger kids maybe rough with it or office employees accident prone..
Windows 10 pro installed and fully updated ready to get on wifi and get right to work or start playing..

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16Gb Ram 500gb Hd Win 10 Pro Dell Optiplex 790

Price: $200

i5-2400 3.10Ghz Cpu
16Gb Ram
500Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Pro

The intel i5 processor in this ultra small form factor dell optiplex is a very powerful processor with more then enough to handle anything you can throw at it. combined with 16gb ram this computer is very fast and ideal for almost anything you want it for, it will be a great base to start building a gaming computer, or perfect to put right into the office, They will handle anything easily from Microsoft office to photo editing or video editing.

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Refurbished Acer Aspire e15 Quad Core Laptop 1000Gb Hard drive

Refurbished Thin sleek looking acer aspire laptop comes with an amd quad core processor clocked at 1.50Ghz This is great if you are a multitasker and like to get alot of things done at one time.. Hook up your second monitor though either the hdmi or vga out ports comfortably with the Radeon R2 Graphics chip set you wont experience any lag.. 1000 Gigabytes of storage so you can back up all of your families old photos or home movies + your every day work documents and still have room left for entertainment Movies music games…

Amd E2 1.50Ghz Cpu
Radeon R2 Graphics
4Gb DDR3 Ram
1000Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Home