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What is a solid state drive and Why do you want one in your computer ?

A solid state drive is a component in a computer, to be more specific it is the component or drive that keeps all of your personal data/installed applications safe. So anything you have in the file folder system things like Pictures, Music, Movie Files or Games are stored in your solid state drive, Applications you downloaded from the internet will also be stored here so Microsoft office any word processing programs or video playing applications.

Solid state drives are non mechanical objects that rely solely on electrical current to move data, traditional hard drives used in older machines used a rotating metallic disk similar to a cd the data can only move as fast as the disk can physically move..

With electrical current now being the only thing to wait for in SSD’s it means your data/large movie or application files will move from one folder to the other much faster and reliably.

Upgrading to a solid state drive asap is recommended as more and more applications will be built with the speeds they bolster in mind and will eventually make mechanical disks obsolete.

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Laptop Desktop All In One i3 Solid State Drive Win 10 Pro

Price: $100

Specs: Intel i3-2350m 2.30Ghz
Win 10 Pro
20 Inch Lcd Screen = Docking Station
Windows 10 Pro

If you need the connectivity of a desktop but also need the mobility of a laptop this package is perfect for you. It comes with a 20 inch widescreen monitor,keyboard, mouse, all wires and charger needed to get you online in your office or on the go. The computer has a 120gb solid state drive for super fast booting and application load times.