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Refurbished Dell Latitude E5520 Win 10 Laptop

Price: $190


Intel i5-2520m 2.5Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
320Gb Harddrive
Wifi/ Bluetooth Enabled
Dvd RW
Windows 10 Pro

The Dell Latitude E5520 is a very well design computer that will last you a lifetime. These tough computers come with a bright, easy to see 15.6 Inch LCD screen, a dark aluminium, brushed gray finish LCD cover, and also has a back light keyboard that you are able to switch on or off. Perfect if you like to work at night. This is a very fast computer and would do great in the office running the business, or at home entertaining the kids.

Bonus: Its comes with a Dell Branded Laptop Bag !!

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Dell Latitude i3 320Gb Hd Bluetooth Capable

Price : $120

Specs :
Intel i3-2330M 2.20Ghz Cpu
2Gb Ram
320Gb Harddrive
Win 10 Pro
Wifi/ Bluetooth Ready

These dell latitudes are made to work, They are small enough to transport comfortably this would suite as a great mobile work station with enough power to do a little bit of everything, It will surf the web easily or work on the road with you..