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Buying a new laptop or desktop every year ?

Laptops Or Desktop Slow ?

Why is your computer so slow, when it was once very fast?  Is it old age ?, Does the hardware in the laptop or desktop degrade overtime ?, Should you upgrade your computer every year ?..

Most Computers slow down over time because programs get installed and attempt to start up with the computer. either as a Service/Background app you’ll never see, or a Startup app that you usually see in the bottom right corner. The more start up apps you have the harder the computer has to work decreasing its overall performance and usability, This and neglected windows updates are the usual culprits in our experience when the question is “Why is my Computer So Slow ?”..
There are of course thousands of other possibilities but we always try to start simple when doing diagnostics on your laptop or desktop here at Uvalde Computer Repair.

Generally if it’s taken care of well hardware does not degrade overtime. There are many cases where extremely old computers are still working perfectly fine today.. Just like a car, a laptop, or desktop,maintenance is key to a long healthy life for your digital device..Don’t forget to dust them occasionally you would not believe how dirty they can get in a short time. Especially if they sit in a room where people smoke..
The dust can not only clog air vents but it can cause corrosion and short circuit your computer effectively killing it forever if.

So should you upgrade this year ? that is your choice but go ahead and give us a call we can take a look at your machine and see what the problem

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Slow Laptop Or Desktop ?