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Why should you buy computers from small shops ?

Computer Shop

Retail stores buy computers in the thousands. these computers are handled by employees that a lot of times just don’t care, they might think “It’s just a job” or they may be tired and make a mistake.. Who knows a lot of things happen in the warehouse that can’t be predicted or monitored. Do you you wanna chance buying the perfect laptop for someone brand new in the box only to find out it fell down in the warehouse and nobody said anything ?.

When you buy from a small computer shop you get someone who cares, Not only because our names are on the line but because we do this because we want to not because we have to.
Quotes are free this is time and labor we have to physically spend/do and we don’t charge you :)..

We recycle repair and reuse computers because we hate to see good tech go in the land fill where it does pollute the environment and make it difficult for our future generations to live in the world we leave them.. Let’s plan for our future now let’s fix our tech today it will all get done but it will get started why not help?

Cell: 830 240 0686
Facebook: Uvalde Computer Repair
Address: 530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 78801

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Acer Aspire 4330 Windows 7 Home Premium

Price: $100


Cpu Celeron 1.66
Ram 3Gb
Harddrive 160Gb
Windows 7 Home Premium

Comes with a brand new charger and battery installed.
Nice fast little computer perfect for work school or entertainment. Watch movies from netflix hulu amazon prime or youtube on this laptop.
More then enough room to fit a few movies in its local storage..