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Pavilion Dm3 240Gb Solid State Drive Windows 10

Price : $120

Amd Athlon Neo Dual Core 1.60Ghz
4Gb Ram
240Gb SSD
Windows 10 Home
Wifi/Bluetooth Ready

This Hp pavilion laptop is very small and easy to transport. If you need a laptop for work or school this one is it. This laptop comes with a 240Gb Solid State Drive installed. Your applications will load 100 times faster with it. The hard drives that were originally installed in these laptops are being slowly phased out so this gets you a foot into the future..

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Hp ProBook G1 12Gb Ram 700Gb Harddrive Ultra Fast Laptop Mobile Work Station/ Game Laptop

This is a very very good computer we were actually using it in our office till a few days ago as a work station and occasion overwatch/ gaming laptop, You wont be sorry with this one its ultra fast and has more then enough harddrive space to store everything you need and alot more. we have used it to processes massive amounts of data at a very fast speed in a work environment Its fully function and very capable..

Intel i5-4200 2.30Ghz Cpu
12Gb Ram
Intel Hd Graphics
700Gb Harddrive 
Windows 10 Pro



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Toshiba c655 Windows 10 Home Laptop

Price: $120


Celeron 900 2.20Ghz Cpu
2Gb Ram
250Gb Harddrive

Toshiba laptop this is a very nice sturdy laptop that can take you anywhere you need to.
Great computer for entertainment.
Comes with a brand new battery and charger so you can get online and not worry about losing your work due to loss of power.

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Sold Silver Toshiba Laptop With Lots of New Parts Installed

Silver Toshiba With lots of new parts

Silver Toshiba With lots of new parts
New battery keyboard and lcd screen

Originally released as a windows vista machine this computer has had one long hard life until it came to our shop..
We have installed
New keyboard,
New Lcd Screen,
New Battery,
Windows 10 Home on a 700Gb 7200Rpm Hard Drive to compliment the stock
2.20Ghz Cpu it came with..
It will last you lifetime Its full updated and ready to hook up to wifi..
give us a call or come on down to the shop to take a look at this model..

Uvalde Computer Repair
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Address: 530 West Daniel Street Uvalde Tx 7881