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Located In Uvalde Tx 78801 Right Down The Road From Chalk Bluff River

Uvalde Computer Repair is a home based business, We do a little of everything computer/ tech related, Recycle Repair And Resale we dont always have laptops desktops or gaming computers in stock, so keep an eye on our main page to stay up to date with our latest inventory. You can find us on Facebook Instagram and twitter but we dont always keep our social media accounts updated.

We are located about 15 miles down the road from chalk bluff

And less then a mile away from minits uvalde tx So if you are in the area for some fun in the river feel free to drop your devices off just be sure to do it before you get in the water so we aren’t also repairing water damage lol

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Complete Hp Desktop Set

Price : $70

Specs :
Pentium e2200 2.00Ghz Cpu
4Gb Ram
150Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Pro

Hp Small Form Factor Desktop running windows 10. Good for the office or entertaining the kids complete hp desktop set comes with everything you need to get online and go. Ethernet cable, Monitor, mouse, tower and all wires..

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Pavilion Dm3 240Gb Solid State Drive Windows 10

Price : $120

Amd Athlon Neo Dual Core 1.60Ghz
4Gb Ram
240Gb SSD
Windows 10 Home
Wifi/Bluetooth Ready

This Hp pavilion laptop is very small and easy to transport. If you need a laptop for work or school this one is it. This laptop comes with a 240Gb Solid State Drive installed. Your applications will load 100 times faster with it. The hard drives that were originally installed in these laptops are being slowly phased out so this gets you a foot into the future..

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Complete Desktop Dual 20 Inch Monitors Keyboard And All Wires Included

Price : $600

Specs :
Cpu: Ryzen 5 1400 3.20Ghz
Ram: 8Gb Corsair Ballistics DDR4
Gpu:Rx 570 8Gb
SSD: 240Gb Boot Drive
HD: 1000Gb Storage Drive
Windows 10 Home

This is a very powerful desktop in a nice looking package, 3 Rgb intake fans and one regular exhaust fan keep it nice and cool while you are Gaming, Video editing, Photo Editing or any content creation you may do..
You can definitively get office work done on this one it will run anything you need for business and more.. Great gamer 4 Cores 8 threads is the perfect amount for most games, This computer will run on high to ultra high on pretty much any game out there. It actually out performed our Intel unit of comparable specs. We maybe building a ryzen system for our shop soon..

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Hp Chromebook 11-v010nr

Price : $120

Specs :
Celeron 1.60Ghz Cpu
16Gb SSD
4Gb Ram
Chrome Os

11 Inch Lcd nice and small easy to travel with. Chromebooks are great for school or work You have access to the android play store and access to all of the features google chrome browser offers as well as a few more, Chrome os is still a relativity new system compared to its counterparts and will be adding new features all the time.

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Acer Aspire 5742 Windows 10, 300Gb Hd, 3Gb Ram

Price :$130
Specs :
Pentium P6100 2.00Ghz Cpu
3Gb Ram
300Gb Harddrive
Windows 10 Home

Really nice little Acer aspire this ones perfect for school. Its got a brand new keyboard and battery installed, as well as windows 10 home all you need to do is get on wifi and start studying, This would also be great for an office it can handle Microsoft word, office, publisher or any of the rest of the suite. Also great for home entertainment play Facebook games, stream movies or music from netflix, hulu, amazon prime video and more…

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Sold Hp Pavilion G7 Intel i3 4Gb Ram 450Gb Hard Drive Windows 10 Home

Hp Pavilion G7 Windows 10 Home Windows Fully Updated Hp Pavilion

Need a computer for productivity ? this is it, It’s got enough storage capacity so you won’t have to worry about filling it up with documents pictures music or movies any time soon..
4Gb ram is enough to keep pace with a lot of today’s more demanding applications like Microsoft office adobe photo shop Fl Studio and alot more..

This laptop will run your home business, get you through school and keep the kids entertained


Hp Pavilion G7
17.3 Display
2.53Ghz Intel Core i3 Processor
4Gb Ram

450Gb Hard Drive Space

Price is $200

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A look back at some of the computers fixed at Uvalde Computer Repair

Computers We Have Fixed

This is an example of some of the computer repair work we do.
Whatever it is we can help, Broken laptop screen, Desktop slow, Tablet wont boot, Viruses , Give Uvalde Computer Repair a call
Quotes are free and you can pay for labor on pickup..