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The internet can be a dangerous place for anyone

You might think hackers or computer viruses are some of the only things you need to worry about when you or your family is on the internet but there is a hole array of different types of attackers in the world with different intentions. One you might never see coming is a Social Engineer, its not just the weirdos you see on movies like #Taken in foreign lands that you need to worry about.
Social Engineering in a rough simple description is an online scam artist these people will go to great lengths to befriend you or one of your friends or family members to gain access to what they desire it might be as simple as a password to a website or as bad as financially information, What ever it is they will use every lie hack or scam they possibly can to gain your trust, The internet is more full of these people then you or i will ever be able to count some more skillful then others and some willing to goto greater lengths..
Even the smallest details you give someone in any random conversation can give them more information to engineer you..
Say you mention your Animal and how much you love it they then know how to retract to animals to make you like them more,
Say You show them a picture they can then more then likely find the location that the picture was taken and alot more information that you or i may never know through Osint Tools

This is of course a very short generalized version of the definition of what a social engineer is but we did our best to explain it Proper information and more definitions and attack entry’s are listed on Norton’s website tho its worth the read if you or your kids spend time on the internet it can be dangerous for anyone after all

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