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Virtualization Can Be Used For A lot of Things

What is Virtualization ?, where can i get it ? and why do i want it ?..
Well virtualization is a computer-generated simulation of reality to put it simply
but in an attempt to make it even easier to understand
The many Faces of Virtualization, It can turn your machine into multiple machines with just one set of hardware, no need to have 3 or 4 desktops/laptops running even if you need separate operating systems..

Mac Os X El Capitan Running In Virtual Box

In this photo you can clearly see our
Windows 10 machine running
Mac Osx El Capitain in a virtual Machine installing MacOS Sierra onto a Usb Drive.. The possibility’s are endless

There are many programs for virtualization. In The photo above we are running something call Virtual Box it will run virtual machines right from your windows desktop, Its excellent for learning the ropes of virtualization and even good for some real world work plus its free.. For any sort of real heavy duty work you will want to virtualize from a dedicated machine, Meaning an operating system Specifically designed for Virtualization windows 10 is out the window. There are many many options out there for Bare metal Virtualization operating systems like Proxmox if you are into open source Programs, Vmware or Microsoft’s Azure.

What type of machine is best for Virtualization ?.
A server built for it, but any computer can do it as long as its got the specs for it.
You Will Need
A processor with enough cores to run as many machines as you want.
Enough Ram for your Machines
And Enough Hard drive or preferably solid state drive space.
graphics isnt as important but a good compatible video card can and will help your virtual machines perform better depending on the way you have implemented your vm..

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