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Whats a bottleneck in a computer

Want to know what a bottleneck in your computer is or why its so slow ?.
A simple answer is Hardware limitation,
You might have intels top of the line i9 cpu but if it does not have enough cores/threads or even if it cant boost high enough for your application then its your cpu bottleneck.
Different software applications/games or creator programs use hardware in different ways one application might use your hard drive over its maximum then that would be your bottleneck..

Can i just guess what the bottleneck is on my computer ?
Sure you can but you probably wont be right anyway there is a very simple way to quickly check.
While your computer is lagged down/going slower then you think it should
Open Task Manager hit more details and check the performance tab something will be higher then the rest during the lag, there you go now you know what a computer bottleneck is and how to quickly check for whats causing it..

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